Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sporting Event Worship Service

I ask that you read the following from gods at war by Kyle Idleman, and think to yourself, "what if church really was like this"? Really, truly think about it.

People arrive hours early for church. On Sunday mornings, they don't just set a backup alarm clock to assure they wake up in time; they set a backup for the backup. They arrange their schedules to make sure they don't miss a gathering for worship. Throughout the week, they talk about what happened on the previous Sunday as excitement builds for the upcoming church service.

There are all-day talk shows on the radio devoted to reviewing last week's service and breaking down the next one. There's even a TV show called "ChurchCenter" that runs highlight clips of church activities that have happened across the nation that day.

When Sunday comes, the members start loading up their trucks, SUVs, and sedans hours before church starts...

The roads are congested on the way to church, no matter how early you leave. At church, there are vehicles parked as far as the eye can see, and folks are out tailgating. Some have elaborate spreads prepared, breaking out portable grills and lawn chairs in the church parking lot. Some have television monitors and satellite dishes so they can catch updates from other worship services while they wait for their own.

It's nice weather today, not that it matters. Even in the dead of winter, they'll be out here in the same numbers. The masses begin filing into the sanctuary, cheering with great passion and excitement.

Once the service starts, the people are all on their feet - not that they ever sit down. Of course, a bunch of young guys are in the front row. They've probably been here since Friday night...

Apparently the rumor has gotten out that the pastor is indeed going to teach on biblical stewardship and worshiping God with our money. Everyone is pumped for the giving sermon. It's one of the highlights of the year.

After several hours, people start looking at their watches. Everyone is thinking the same thing: "I hope the sermon goes into overtime!"

What if our services really were like this? What would happen if entire churches got up excited to worship the God who made all things? What if, even for just a month, we treated worshiping God and being with His people the same way we treated our favorite sport, or TV Show, or even the latest movie?

What if?