Friday, July 29, 2011

Your God is Too Small - Introduction

There are those in life who have difficulty in bringing about a right view of God. Whether it be lack of knowledge, improper training, or simple circumstance is not the issue. The fact is that there exists in many a view of God which limits Him to a small corner or box, from which the person sees and feels only a partial and distorted view of the One Creator.

This small god, if allowed to remain, can come to occupy the place in our hearts and minds where only the True God should be. This is not to say that the person in question is conducting in false worship, or is evil or anything of the sort. At some point all people will have a view of God that is makes Him out to be much smaller than He is. This can leave us with a crisis on our hands if left uncorrected, as the small god is hard to reconcile with the whole of life.

It is when we recognize our weakness that we can move to correct it, and so we will be looking at some of these small views of God that are prevalent in today’s society. The challenge is to ourselves. Are we being held back by a view of God that limits our acceptance of His control over our lives (and, indeed, the world)? If so, are we willing to realign our view of the world and that of God in order to put Him in the place of power that He truly occupies?

This is not a simple thing to look into, but it is vital to our spiritual well-being. Join me as we discover the bigness and fullness of the Creator God of the Universe and relinquish the limiters and blinders on our view of Him, whatever they may be.

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