Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rough Starts & Loving Hearts

Today was a little bit of a rough morning. I did manage to get up at 5 to work out, and during my "quiet me time" afterwards I heard the boys stirring and starting to get up.

That was at 6:15am. An hour before "me time" is supposed to be over.

I did manage to ignore it until about 6:45, but then Haden decided to leave his room and call for me through the kitchen. This was followed by Liam yelling gibberish in his crib (meaning he was ready to get up as well). Things were fine. It was earlier than I wanted it to be, but fine. No big problems. Then 30 minutes passed.

Liam's breakfast went everywhere and he spit out all his medicine. Afterwards Danielle got up and Liam freaked out because he suddenly wanted mama to hold him while she was trying to get her coffee ready. Haden got his finger smashed in the bathroom door and, naturally, freaked out as well. I got mad because he was screaming and crying (not knowing about the finger smashing until I walked over to see the problem). 

The fits continued for far too long.

Then Haden decided to play Sonic. That was fine. Liam was a bit calmer, and there weren't any problems. For a bit.

After game time Liam decided he wanted mama's breakfast. She didn't let him have it and ate in the kitchen, while he screamed in horror that she would dare to actually eat her own breakfast. After breakfast Liam was playing with his own toy. Haden decided for whatever reason he did not want that toy to be played with. Trouble, anger, and pouting ensued. Liam was then allowed into the kitchen while Danielle did something, where he dumped and entire 1lb 2oz. box of Corn Flakes on the floor.

It was now 9:15am (about 1 hour ago). It was a rough start to the day.

About 15-20 minutes later everything was quiet and I heard some giggling. This is what I found:

Apparently they decided they were hungry, and Haden had dug out the goldfish from Liam's backpack. All the anger and frustration and general irritation seemed to evaporate right there. It was as if both of the boys had forgotten all of the badness of the morning and decided they wanted to have a little fun.

The way I saw it, I might as well do the same.

Sometimes we need to just accept and let go of what has happened so far. It's not always easy, but it definitely makes the rest of our day and lives easier. At this point there is really no reason for me to hold onto it.

Jesus tells us to place all our burdens on Him. He will take care of it. He will take care of us. We need to trust Him to do that. It is a big part of what gives us our joy. We are not forever linked to our rough starts. We can move past them because He enables us to, regardless of what has happened and is happening around us.

Instead, let us have loving hearts so that we, too, can giggle and share our goldfish with those around us. :-)

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