Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Persecution: Something Very Important

I'm going to do something a bit unusual today. I'm not really going to write a post. Instead, I'm going to link to the following page. Please read it. Do not let yourself be culled into a docile state of blindness and denial.

The New Age of Christian Martyrdom
(warning: graphic descriptions, but no pictures)

I'm don't think I need to say what we should do about it. You probably already know the answer. If you don't, I'll make some suggestions and link so some helpful things.

Write letters (Voice of the Martyrs has a great site to find out to whom
Remember them
Write your congressman about it (Art of Manliness has a great how-to guide)
Send Aid (either through your church, missionaries, or a reputable organization like Voice of the Martyrs)

Don't let your brothers and sisters fight this alone. We know what is right.

Now let us do it.

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