Monday, December 1, 2014

Writing In the Dark

There are times in life where things don't seem to go quite the way we expect. Life gets harder, we don't move forward as we expected, and things just generally blow up occasionally. It can, and does, happen to everyone. And chances are it will happen again.

It has been a bit of a weird week for me. I realize that is a somewhat strange statement since it is only Monday, but it is the truth. Almost nothing has gone as I planned.

And I think I am OK with that.

There are points in our lives where we get to make a choice about how we will serve God. These are decision points that help set our trajectory for different segments of life. These trajectories can certainly be changed, but it is much harder to change them than follow the path they lead to.

Last night was one of those decision points for me. I had to choose whether to continue down the same path I was on or change to something better. I believe I chose something better.

I chose to follow and trust with action instead of mere thought and word.

Here is the thing. We can claim all day that we are Christians who trust and follow God, but do our lives and attitudes truly _show_ that, or are they just words on display? I am speaking generally here. I recognize that we are human and as such are prone to failure, but as a general rule in your life, does that hold true?

This is something you will only probably discover when you take the time to get away from the constant distractions of life and ask yourself what you truly live for. What excites you the most? What drives you? What do you like and want to spend money on? These questions and others like them will tell you the truth.

I write this sitting on my couch, in the dark, on my phone (yes, we have re-entered the world of smartphones), while Haden sleeps on the other couch with a tummy ache and had to have me in the room. It has been a long, off kind of day.

But for Haden, this day has ended well, even with the tummy ache. He trusts that I will take care of him and watch over him as he lays down to rest. He knows, no...he has faith, that as his daddy I will see to it that he is taken care of.

If only we could trust our heavenly Father the the same way. Even when we have a tummy ache, even when it seems impossible. We trust our earthly parents this way, or at least see our children trust us, so what keeps us from trusting the Father of lights and Creator of the universe the same way?

I know dark days are scary, but sometimes we need them. Just as parents must sometimes allow their children to struggle in order for them to grow, so must God do with us. But He does not truly leave us on our own. He watches over us, writing His story while we sleep unawares next to Him.

Dark days sometimes help us to see the light when we would or are otherwise blinded by our own selves. They can call us back to where we belong, but only if we heed the call. Open your heart to where God is calling you. Trust that He can and will take you where you need to be. Even if it costs you dearly, even if it scares you to death.

Because it is worth it.

Because He is watching over you even now.

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