Monday, June 29, 2015

Christians: The World Does Not Get to Tell You What You Believe

There has been a growing trend I have taken note of lately when scrolling my Facebook and new feeds which has been disturbing me. It has been around a while, but lately has seemed to be rapidly increasing. What I am encountering disturbs me not because it has an effect on me personally, but because it can have an enormous impact on newer Christians and those who are weaker in the faith.

The trend is this: people who are not Christians, who have not studied the Bible with an open heart willing to accept God's Will, are telling Christians how they should believe and what their faith should look like.

This is a problem, and not a small one. This is a major issue that needs to be (not should be, but needs to be) corrected in our homes and church families. This is not people of faith disagreeing on some random issue, this is not people who love God have debates over what The End will look like, and this is not some petty inter-congregational squabble. This is the world, who does not care about nor love the One True God telling us His children what we should believe about what Him and His Will, regardless of what He has revealed in His Word.

This is a problem which cannot be ignored.

When we allow those outside the faith to tell us what we must or should believe, or what Jesus would do, or what God is really like, instead of looking to His Word to inform us of these things, we will get a warped picture of things every time. Honestly, if I never read another "This is what Jesus would say to X," or "This is what Jesus would do about Y," written by someone who does not believe in who He is and what He has done it would be too soon.

As those who desire and strive to follow Christ, it is time for us to start educating ourselves on what He has revealed in His word. When you hear the argument that "Jesus never said that," it is a lie. He is God, and if you believe that God led man to write what He desired then yes, Jesus did say it. He may have said it through another's written word, but if you believe in the inspiration of the Bible there is no getting around the fact that Jesus did say a great many things that people have not given Him credit for.

So I want to encourage you, as short a post as this is, to stand firm not in what the world tells you to believe, but in what God says. He is the One True King, the Alpha and the Omega, and the One who makes all things new. There is none better that we can listen to beyond Him.

So listen to the True One, and Him alone.

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