Monday, May 9, 2011

Action Hearts

I felt like it would be a good thing to state exactly what this blog is about, so that you (and I) could have a clear picture of the goals. This blog is about having action hearts (as the name of it so helpfully suggests, ha). What are action hearts though, and why would anyone write about such things?

Action hearts are, naturally, hearts of action. To be more helpful, they are hearts that take what the Lord has taught and teaches us and puts them into practical use. The focus here is not to talk only about individuals, but to emphasize the need to have these kinds of hearts as a family, whether our children are young or old. When the family is pulled together to accomplish a task, it becomes not only beneficial for the completion of the task, but it becomes a bonding experience for the family where all members can witness Christ in each other, and become stronger in the Lord we serve.

Having action hearts is more than thinking, "Oh, that was a nice sermon. Maybe I'll try and help someone this week." Having action hearts is a change of worldview. It is (hopefully) a paradigm shift that says, "God has called me to a life of service, and I will find a way to serve in a way that I can be effective and useful in the kingdom." It is looking for and discovering your areas of giftedness so that instead of becoming frustrated with tasks we don't enjoy or are skilled at, we become excited about doing tasks we naturally enjoy and excel at.

The family is central to this task. It is a source of strength given by God to encourage, aid, and correct each through. It is more than the people we say goodnight to and live with. It is, ultimately, the body of Christ. Once we understand this and move towards this view, we can start looking at the world through the lens of the family and its activities, its goals, and its strength, instead of just ourselves.

So let's have Action Hearts! Let's get out there and start changing things!

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