Sunday, May 1, 2011

Psalms 29, 33

     These psalms remind me of the unimaginable power of God. God’s voice can create or destroy anything. He can breathe stars. How am I supposed to comprehend such power and majesty? I think the simple answer is I cannot, nor am I called to understand it all. Rather, I accept that God is far and away bigger, mightier, and more creative and destructive than I could ever imagine. Seeing Him would melt my face off, hearing Him in His fullness would destroy me to atoms.

     But despite this, despite the infinite majesty and power, He loves me. Me, who sins, who falls on his face every day. Me, who has cursed His name with my actions and shamed Him with my pride. He. Loves. me. Not only does He love me, He loves me enough to protect me, to provide for me, to ask that I be his. He loves me enough not only to do that, but to sacrifice Himself, through Jesus for me. To cut Himself off from Himself. He loves me enough to ask Himself through the Holy Spirit living in me for my every need.

     I do not have words for that kind of love. I don’t even have thoughts for that kind of love. I have no reference that enables me to understand the vast resources at His disposal that He uses for me. Not because I am good or because I have done so much right, but because of His grace. Because of His love. Because He wants me, me! to be with Him in Heaven forever, living with Him, loving with Him, worshipping Him.

How can I choose any other path in life but that which I believe He has called me to?

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